Verify the node status

Display the node logs

One way to monitor the status of your full node is to display the logs of the server, for example, with the following command (requires jq to be installed):

docker logs --follow --tail 100 iotex

Interact with ioctl

Alternatively, you can use the IoTeX command-line client ioctl to interact with your node and check that it's working correctly. See for the full documentation about ioctl.

First, configure your ioctl client to point to your local node:

ioctl config set endpoint localhost:14014 --insecure

Next, here are a few commands that can help troubleshoot your node operation:

Watch the block height

watch ioctl bc info

Check if the block height is increasing (i.e., the node is syncing), compare it with the official IoTeX nodes or on or any other node known to be in sync with the blockchain.

Watch the ranking height

watch ioctl node delegate

This command also allows you to check if the block height is increasing, butt the display is based on the current epoch and includes the block producers' ranking for the current epoch.

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