Rewards Policy

When you set your rewards policy, you're able to choose between automatic or manual distribution. This information is publicly available for everyone on the Delegate Profile page on the staking portal when they click your delegate name.

Automatic Distribution

Automatic Distribution is backed by the HERMES protocol and will allow your delegate to automatically distribute rewards to voters on a daily basis. Choose the Epoch, Block and Foundation Reward Distribution portion that you'd like to share with your voters.

If your Delegate utilizes HERMES as the rewards distribution system, this policy will be used by HERMES to calculate the rewards distributed. If your Delegate does not use HERMES, you should make sure this policy is always up to date with your accurate rewards distribution policy.

Manual Distribution

If you set up your custom rewards address in your delegate profile, then you are in charge of claiming these rewards and distributing them to your voters if you decided to do so.

Once your delegate is active and running, the blockchain will collect delegate rewards for your delegate at the end of every blockchain epoch. You can claim your accumulated delegate rewards at any time by sending a "claim rewards" action to the blockchain using your rewards account.

Monitor Rewards

You can monitor your accumulated delegate rewards directly from the delegate's profile on the staking portal.

Just input your delegate rewards account and you will see your current rewards available for claiming.

Claim Your Rewards

You need the ioctl command-line tool to monitor and claim your rewards.

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